The First Virtual Bazaar in Jordan



Join us at the first Virtual platform in Jordan for online bazaars and other events! 

The First Virtual Bazaar will be held in October, 10, from 11am to 1pm.

- you will be able to shop online with assistance if you need it
- you will be able to meet our vendors in VIDEO ROOMS, talk to them and see their products!
- you will get access to the special deals which will last in the day of the bazaar only!!
- you will be able to get all your purchases delivered THE SAME or NEXT DAY with only ONE DELIVERY FEE even if you buy from different places!!

Isn't it GREAT!!!
Come meet us! Invite your friends! Let's have fun and don't loose the chance to shop our favourite products which are usually available at bazaars only: soaps, candles, accessories, toys, skincare products, books, stationary, decor, embroidery, crochet, decorated wooden items!! Thay are all SOOOO beautiful!

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