The story of WOW SHOP


The story of WOW SHOP
For the most women in Jordan there’s the only place to sell their handmade items - a bazaar. Bazaars are seasonal and .. costly. The rent makes the vendors rise up their prices, bazaars’ entrance fee and transportation add even more to the cost of every piece you buy.
Well, how about online platform which exposes the variety of products, where one can shop same way as at a bazaar, buying from different vendors, delivered in 1 package? Without extra expenses and fees!
This is how the idea of the WOW SHOP was born in December, 2018. In April, 2019 we launched our online shop and started inviting the first vendors and buyers.
Our aim is to impress the buyers with the quality of the products and service, so that everyone who gets his order would say ‘WOW!’.
To achieve this we built-up the ultimate service:
  • we set up several important rules for the vendors to be able to sell in WOW - the products must be premium quality, safe and nicely packed.
  • we make gift wrapping and customized gift sets for any occasion - choose the items or set up your budget and we will deliver the ready gift to your doorstep.
  • we built-up a user-friendly website for easy online shopping
  • our customer service is exceptional. We care about you, and your opinion matters. It’s easy to reach us online or via WhatsApp, we reply fast to all the questions.
  • we cooperate with a few delivery companies who provide fast and careful delivery all over Jordan. We are planning to start international deliveries in 2020.
Shopping in WOW is safe, easy and enjoyable. Try us and you will definitely say ‘WOW!’.

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