Soap Story


Najwa, Amal, Amani, Tamam, and Sharouq - Sisters in soap making.

The Zarqa Life Soap production team is comprised of five women from Syria and Jordan. There is the leader, Najwa, three assistants, Sha- rouq, Amani, and Tamam and one Production Manager, Amal. Over the past year, the women have been working closely with the Di- rector of the Zarqa Life Center to design and produce the perfect bar of olive oil soap. The ladies are always in the soap workshop, which is located opposite the Life Center, mixing, pouring, lableing, and polishing. Every single bar of olive oil soap passes through their hands with love and care.
Each woman had their own personal challenges that they were trying to overcome before they had the soap project, and all admitted some degree of dedjection. However, you’d never know it if you saw them to- day. These women are employed and empowered. They earn enough to supplement their family incomes, and in the process have found a new family in each other, on which they can depend whatever happens.

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