SOAPA by Buthaina - scientific approach to soap making


My Name is Buthaina. I am a Jordanian woman, currently living in Jordan, but have resided in different Arab countries throughout my life.

I have a Bachelor's degree in Biology and Chemistry and a Masters degree in Biology. After graduation, I took teaching as my career and soap making as a hobby.

I used to make soap for family, relatives, friends and myself. But, after 32 years of teaching, I finally decided to resign from teaching and start my soap making business, which had always been my dream.

I believe that the skin is the part that protects our body, and so it deserves very good care from our side. Using a good soap, free from harmful chemicals is a very important factor in this regard. I am glad that so far my customers have been very happy with my soap, and hope to continue on satisfying anyone who uses it.

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